It’s happened again — D.C. was named one of the “snobbiest” cities in America, this time by the real estate blog Movoto. The blog took into account cities’ wealth, education and amenities like art galleries and theaters, and concluded that the District ranks second only to San Francisco on its pseudo-mathematical snobbiness index.

We’re used to this. Travel and Leisure magazine ranked us among the snobbiest cities in the country a year ago, and the same real estate blog already picked Bethesda and Rockville as two of the 10 snobbiest small cities.

But this isn’t just old news. It’s really old news. Like, 98-year-old news. Take a look at this article published in the Post in 1916. The headline calls the District “City of Snobs and Snubs.”

City of Snobs and Snubs