Nationwide, about 2.5 million public school students were enrolled in charter schools last school year, up from 789,000 a decade earlier, according to the most recent enrollment estimates from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Last year, the number of students enrolled increased by 12.6 percent from the year before.

There were 6,400 charter schools in the 42 states that permit them in the 2013-2014 school year. In recent years, between 500 and 600 new charter schools have opened each year, and between 150 and 200 schools have closed annually for low enrollment, low academic performance or financial concerns.

Here is a look of the most recent accounting of charter school growth in every state. The District added four new charters last fall and closed three. With 60 charter schools  on 107 campuses, the District had more charter schools than most states.

California, one of the most populous states, led the nation in charter school growth last year with 104 new schools. It also closed 39 schools. Arizona added 87 and closed 16, and Florida added 75 and closed 26.

Credit: The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Estimated Number of Public Charter Schools &
Students, 2013-2014