If you don’t like traffic, you can now take the Silver Line to the 10th-best town in America.

That’s what Money magazine says. It just released its annual list of the best places to live — or, more precisely, the best places to live with more than 50,000 residents and fewer than 300,000, that are within an hour of an airport, where median family income falls between 80 and 210 percent of the state average, and median home price is below $1 million, and all the rest of the magazine’s criteria are met, too.

Maryland and Virginia towns placed high on the list — Howard County’s Ellicott City and Columbia, ranked together as one entry, came in sixth. The magazine mentioned that public transportation to Washington and Baltimore is limited, as is local nightlife, but praised the towns for their recreational facilities, school district and proximity to good jobs.

Reston was ranked #10. Money noted the traffic that frustrates commuters driving into D.C. but said the opening of the Silver Line has offered Restonians a traffic-free option. Plus, the planned city has lakes, golf, ice skating and walking trails going for it.

Rockville made the list at #24, and Bowie at #28. And Dale City, which was listed at #37, also earned a special distinction from Money — among all 50 towns on the list, the highest portion of its residents have a commute longer than 45 minutes.