Pretty soon the letters T,R,U,M and P will be gone. (Mel Evans/AP)

Donald Trump, never one to complain about seeing his name in big bold letters, is seemingly doing the unthinkable: He’s having his name erased from the sides of a huge building.

The Donald is in a legal war with Trump Entertainment Resorts — a company no longer controlled by him but that pays for his name — about alleged disrepair of two casinos in downtrodden Atlantic City displaying TRUMP in big bold letters. He and his daughter Ivanka, according to the Associated Press, demanded that the family name be removed from Trump Plaza, which is one of four Atlantic City hotels to close in that city’s epic crash.

The AP reports:

They claim the company let the two casinos fall into such disrepair that it violated quality standards agreed to by both sides. The company is in bankruptcy and threatening to shut its last casino — the Taj Mahal — next month.

“This is a very important step for us,” Ivanka Trump said Monday morning. “It was pretty cut and dry: when we gave them a license to use our name, it was contingent on quality control and performance. They did not meet the high standards of luxury in every other asset in the Trump brand.”

Trump isn’t totally giving up on Atlantic City, though. The AP reports that he wants to save the Taj Mahal.

In the meantime, the letters T, R, U, M and P are reportedly coming down from Trump Plaza today.

We’ll post pictures of the Trump-less plaza when they’re available.