In response to The Washington Post’s story about Jefferson County, Colo., becoming ground zero for a new culture fight over how to teach U.S. history to high-achieving 10th-graders, readers asked what specifically the College Board has changed in its Advanced Placement U.S. history course and what the questions on the exam are like.

Slammed by critics who say its revised framework for the course focuses on darker aspects of the country’s past at the expense of important leaders and foundational documents, the College Board offers this checklist that compares required content under the old and new versions of the course:

AP US History Fact Sheet

And for those who want to test their knowledge and see what students will be asked on the new AP U.S. History test, the College Board has released this practice exam:

AP US History Practice Exam

Last year, 439,522 students took the AP History exam, one of the most popular AP tests offered.