A 13th month has now come and gone in the remarkable saga of the Fairfax County police killing of unarmed citizen John Geer. Still no information has been released about how or why a Fairfax police officer gunned down Geer as he stood in the doorway of his Springfield home in August 2013, or why authorities didn’t render aid to him for an hour. Federal authorities who were handed the case eight months ago, apparently have not been shown any movement  in their investigation.

Last month, after Geer’s longtime partner spoke publicly for the first time and filed a lawsuit against the police, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors got together and fired off a letter to U.S. Attorney Dana Boente. It is published for the first time below. In it, the board politely asks the federal prosecutor to please resolve this thing, one way or the other.

The U.S. attorney did not favor the supervisors with a reply, county officials said, and a spokesman for Boente said Tuesday his office still could not comment on the case. Witnesses to the shooting, to include Geer’s father and Geer’s best friend, were interviewed months ago by federal agents and prosecutors, but have not been contacted to testify before a grand jury. There do not appear to be any answers coming any time soon.

“The Board certainly understands your obligation to conduct a thorough review and investigation,” board Chairman Sharon Bulova wrote to Boente, “and by no means does the Board wish for your decision to be hasty or made without consideration of all of the relevant facts and information.” The supervisors, however, “would like to express to you the importance of a resolution of this matter,” Bulova wrote, “as that will go a long way towards allowing our citizens to have faith in the process by which police shooting incidents are investigated.”

Speaking of which, Geer’s father has also written a letter. Don Geer, who watched the officer shoot his son and has now waited in vain to find out who did it and why, has added his voice to those calling for an independent agency to review Fairfax police shootings. His letter is in the second document reader below. The Virginia Citizens Coalition for Police Accountability has been lobbying for this since 2010, several months after the killing of unarmed motorist David Masters on Route 1 by Fairfax Officer David Scott Ziants. The families of Masters and Salvatore Culosi, the unarmed optometrist shot and killed by Officer Deval Bullock in 2006, also support an independent review authority, and their letters follow Don Geer’s letter. The Fairfax supervisors have shown no interest in establishing any independent review provcess.

“We have now spent thirteen frustrating months,” Geer wrote, “trying to acquire information as to who, why, etc. John was killed. So far there appears to be no justice for John. It is obvious that the present methods used by Fairfax County in cases involving a police shooting do not meet the needs of the family or the public.”