Bao Bao’s first snow day (Courtesy of the Smithsonian National Zoo)

If you had a built-in fur coat and no driveway to shovel, wouldn’t you love the snow?

Celebrity panda cub Bao Bao sure seems happy with today’s weather. The Smithsonian National Zoo was closed on Tuesday due to the snow, but the animals were still there, having a blast.

Watch Bao Bao tumble all the way down a snowy hill.

As the year’s first blanket of snow coats the D.C. area, the National Zoo's giant panda Bao Bao is enjoying time outside with her mother, Mei Xiang. (Video: Smithsonian National Zoo)

Another one of Washington’s most famous furry creatures got in on the snow day fun too: White House photographer Pete Souza tweeted this photo of the Obama family’s dog Bo in the snow-covered Rose Garden.