Virginia state Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria) thought the man trying his car door while he was stopped at a red light Thursday was an attempted carjacker. Ebbin pulled his car forward, the man left, and Ebbin called police.

Before they arrived, the well-known legislator did what millions of people these days are inclined to do when something unusual happens.  He went on Twitter.

The posts sparked a small flurry of reaction, with a few of Ebbin’s 3,000-plus followers tweeting their own messages to ask if the lawmaker was okay, and at least one reporter sending a tweet to ask for an interview.

Then Arlington County police arrived. Ebbin described the alleged assailant, and the officers told him it sounded like a homeless person known to live in the area. The man’s attempt to get into Ebbin’s locked Toyota Corolla on a 17-degree day could not be considered an attempted carjacking, the police said, since the man did not get into the car, threaten Ebbin or remove him from the driver’s seat.

It possibly could be considered trespassing, they said.

At least one local news site and a radio station reported the “attempted hijacking” before double-checking. An hour after his initial tweet, Ebbin — who has represented Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax in the Senate since 2012 and mostly tweets about Democratic politics and progressive social issues — took to his mobile phone again to tell the world all was well.