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A breakdown of how many days have been taken so far and the impact on the academic calendar.

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  • Mar 17, 2014
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While almost all governments declared themselves closed to business Wednesday night, the two inside-the-Beltway suburbs waited until 5 a.m. or so on Thursday to surrender to the snow.

The disaster relief nonprofit is developing a mobile app to connect donors and recipients more quickly.

The first woman to run a large municipality in this area was a civil rights leader, fought for housing for poor, against Redskins stadium.

How Snavely became a porn star, met Del Brocco, and allegedly killed him in 2010.

The first explanation for why Sellers aimed his gun while surrounded by seven armed police officers.

As he did with the fatal police shooting outside an IHOP in 2006, Sengel dissects the case openly and clearly.

Jim Morrison's only return to the place where he went to high school was his second show of the night, and ended in chaos. Like a lot of Doors shows.

The veteran runner ran three consecutive marathons to raise money for Martin Richard's wounded family members, and cleared his goal by a lot.