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The Washington Post

The university wanted to see how much trash was produced by, and could be recycled from, 7,700 people. Answer: a lot.

Appointed by a Republican governor, the members gave 49 times more money to Republican candidates than Democratic.

The records of how Brian Lamb helped create, and then grow, C-SPAN will be housed in GMU's library.

Two seniors trying to help less fortunate students uncover small number of homeless students

'Voice of Voiceless' goes undercover to see if college counselors are discussing therapy to become straight.

The very controversial issue finds the GMU president coming down in favor of building a new north-south highway between Loudoun and Prince William counties.

The previous record of 298 people dressed as cows falls hard in Fairfax.

The restaurant chain aims to break the current Guinness Book of World Records mark of 298.

As law makes in-state tuition easier for veterans, GMU decides not to continue case against Fairfax resident