Between the colorful outfits and boisterous crowds, the last week has been anything but a typical run at the All England Club.

After Serena Williams dismantled Maria Sharapova in brisk and brutal fashion in Saturday’s Olympic gold medal match, the American celebrated her first singles gold with something else never seen on Wimbledon’s hallowed Centre Court: the crip walk.

Serena Crip Walk
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With her 6-0, 6-1 win, Williams completed the rare career “Golden Slam” — she has now won all four majors and Olympic gold — giving her full rights to celebrate on the court where she’s won five Wimbledon titles.

Bank on a number of sportswriters bashing Williams for her fleet-footed display. But you know what? Love Serena or loathe her, she earned that moment and she should be allowed to spend it however she wants.

For a player who struggled to overcome a hemotoma and a pulmonary embolism during a trying 2011, Saturday’s victory was the ultimate triumph and the cherry on top of one of the most impressive careers in women’s tennis history.

“It’s too much. I just never expected gold in singles. I was so happy with my doubles (2000 Sydney Games, 2008 Beijing Games),” Williams said. “I have my gold medal (in singles), and now I have everything, literally. I have singles, doubles — actually everything there is to win in tennis. Where do I go from here?”

Back to the dance floor, it would appear.

What do you think of her form? Did she go too far or was it all in fun?


Serena completes career Golden Slam

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