Proponents of expanded gambling in Maryland, who last week announced the support of the Washington Redskins, have now cut an ad featuring one of the team’s former players.

LaVar Arrington, an all-pro linebacker who last suited up for the Redskins in 2005, is featured in a 30-second spot standing in front of FedEx Field in Landover, where the team plays its home games.

“I hate losing, hate it,” Arrington says. “But right now we’re losing jobs and money for our schools to casinos in other states like West Virginia.”

He asks viewers to vote for Question 7, which would allow a new casino in Prince George’s County, as well as Las Vegas-style table games at Maryland’s five previously authorized slots sites.

Casinos in the surrounding states of West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania already offer table games in addition to slots.

The new spot by proponents is the latest in an expensive ad war being fought by both sides on television, radio and the Internet. Opponents have argued that claims about job creation and school funding are not credible.

Companies with an interest in the outcome of Question 7 have already contributed more than $43 million to dueling ballot-issue committees squaring off in the campaign.