The Maryland Senate voted 28 to 14 on Friday night for an expanded gambling bill proposed by Gov. Martin O’Malley (D), sending the measure to the House of Delegates.

The bill would allow a casino in Prince George’s County, as well as table games, such as black jack and roulette, at the state’s five existing slots sites.

Here’s a look at how the senators voted:


(23 Democrats, 5 Republicans)

Benson, Joanne C. (D-Prince George’s)

Brinkley, David R. (R-Frederick)

Colburn, Richard F. (R-Dorchester)

Conway, Joan Carter (D-Baltimore)

Currie, Ulysses (D-Prince George’s)

Edwards, George C. (R-Garrett)

Ferguson, William C., IV (D-Baltimore)

Forehand, Jennie M. (D-Montgomery)

Garagiola, Robert J. (D-Montgomery)

Getty, Joseph M. (R-Carroll)

Jennings, J. B. (R-Baltimore County)

Jones-Rodwell, Verna L. (D-Baltimore)

Kasemeyer, Edward J. (D-Baltimore County)

King, Nancy J. (D-Montgomery)

Klausmeier, Katherine A. (D-Baltimore County)

Madaleno, Richard S., Jr. (D-Montgomery)

Manno, Roger (D-Montgomery)

Mathias, James N., Jr. (D-Worcester)

McFadden, Nathaniel J. (D-Baltimore)

Middleton, Thomas M. (D-Charles)

Miller, Thomas V. Mike, Jr. (D-Calvert)

Peters, Douglas J. J. (D-Prince George’s)

Pugh, Catherine E. (D-Baltimore)

Robey, James N. (D-Howard)

Rosapepe, James C. (D-Prince George’s)

Stone, Norman R., Jr. (D-Baltimore County)

Young, Ronald N. (D-Frederick)

Zirkin, Robert A. (Bobby). (D-Baltimore County)


(8 Democrats, 6 Republicans)

Brochin, James (D-Baltimore County)

DeGrange, James E., Sr. (D-Anne Arundel)

Dyson, Roy P. (D-St. Mary’s)

Frosh, Brian E. (D-Montgomery)

Glassman, Barry (R-Harford)

Jacobs, Nancy (R-Cecil)

Kittleman, Allan H. (R-Howard)

Montgomery, Karen S. (D-Montgomery)

Muse, C. Anthony (D-Prince George’s)

Pinsky, Paul G. (D-Prince George’s)

Pipkin, E. J. (R-Cecil)

Raskin, Jamin B. (Jamie) (D-Montgomery)

Reilly, Edward R. (R-Anne Arundel)

Simonaire, Bryan W. (R-Anne Arundel)


(2 Democrats)

Astle, John C. (D-Anne Arundel)

Ramirez, Victor R. (D-Prince George’s)


(2 Democrats, 1 Republican)

Gladden, Lisa A. (D-Baltimore)

Kelley, Delores G. (D-Baltimore County)

Shank, Christopher B. (R-Washington)