Financier John Delaney (D) continues to outpace Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R) in the fundraising department, giving him a key advantage as balloting approaches.

Delaney is challenging Bartlett’s reelection in Maryland’s redrawn 6th district, which now includes a slice of Democratic-leaning Montgomery County. Delaney has consistently raised more cash than Bartlett and is viewed by nonpartisan experts as the favorite in the contest.

From July through September, Delaney raised a total of $519,000, including a loan to his own campaign of $119,000. Delaney, the wealthy founder of the Chevy Chase commercial lending firm CapitalSource, has now given his campaign a total of $1.7 million, most of it during the Democratic primary. He had $249,000 in the bank as of Sept. 30.

Bartlett, meanwhile, reported raising $218,000 in the third quarter, ending September with $221,000 on hand. The incumbent did far better in the previous quarter, taking in $377,000 from April through June.

Both candidates have been on the air with ads, but Delaney has been able to run more spots, as well as send out more mail and hire more paid staff. And unlike some endangered Republicans, Bartlett has not gotten much spending help from outside conservative groups, largely because his chances of prevailing are seen as slim.