Prince George’s County Council member Leslie Johnson appears to be  sticking with her plan to stay in office until July 31, but on Friday she complied with her fellow council members’ requests to turn in her county car, cellphone, laptop and parking pass.

Leslie Johnson leaves court. (Mark Gail/THE WASHINGTON POST)

On Tuesday, the full council asked her to resign immediately and turn in her county-issued items. She has not responded on the resignation date, but on Friday, a council spokeswoman said, Johnson turned the items back to the county.

Johnson, and her husband, former county executive Jack B. Johnson (D) were arrested by federal agents on Nov. 12 after they were overheard on a wiretap plotting to destroy a $100,000 check from a developer and Leslie Johnson stuffed $79,600 in her bra and underpants as agents pounded on the door of the couple’s home.

Jack Johnson, who has pleaded guilty to taking more than $400,000 in bribes, is scheduled to sentenced Sept. 15.