Rockville Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio was reelected Tuesday, defeating Piotr “Peter” Gajewski after a race marked more by allegations of campaign finance violations and rancor than by policy debates.

Residents say the off-year election campaign was unusually heated, but turnout, at 16.9 percent, was lower Tuesday than two years ago. Marcuccio received 52.9 percent of the vote, gaining a slightly higher share of the vote than she did in the 2009 election, in which she won 52.2 percent.

Rockville also had a contested election for the four council seats. Two incumbents — Bridget Newton and Mark Pierzchala — won, as did a former council member, John F. Hall Jr. Tom Moore, a former journalist who ran in 2009, beat Virginia Onley for the last seat by 51 votes.

In Gaithersburg, the three incumbent candidates for city council — Jud Ashman, Cathy C. Drzyzgula and Ryan Spiegel — won. They are expected to be sworn in Nov. 14 and to serve four years. With about 2,900 residents voting, the turnout this year was 9.3 percent, lower than in 2009.

Takoma Park officials did not announce the results of the three contested council elections there. According to the city’s Twitter feed, the Board of Elections must review provisional ballots and a “small” number of scanned ballot images to verify the results.Takoma Park City Clerk Jessie Carpenter, who organized the election, did not immediately respond to a request for comment left on her cell phone Tuesday night.

Turnout for the election, at 18 percent, was slightly better than that in 2009. There was only one incumbent, Fred Schultz in Ward 6.