Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley hands a pen to a supporter after signing the same-sex marriage bill in March 1. (Patrick Semansky — Associated Press)

O’Malley (D) is now helping raise money for two high-profile ballot measures, both of which divide Marylanders nearly evenly, according to recent polls.

The tuition question is already on the ballot in November. Opponents are also expected to gather sufficient signatures to force a public vote on a same-sex marriage law signed by O’Malley in March.

“The DREAM Act says that students can be eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of their parents’ immigration status, provided they pay state taxes, graduate from a Maryland high school and commit to legalizing their status as soon as they are eligible,” O’Malley says in the e-mail, sent out by his campaign. “This issue is about fairness and basic human dignity for all.”

Opponents say the law, which was put on hold pending the public vote, would reward illegal immigration and cost taxpayers.

O’Malley’s solicitation seeks money for Educating Maryland Kids, a coalition established to defend the law.