Sen. Ulysses Currie (D-Prince George's County) listens during the opening day of the 2009 legislative session. (AP Photo/Gail Burton)

Potential jurors were read a lengthy list of possible witnesses and others who might figure prominently in the trial taking place in U.S District Court in Baltimore. Some witnesses will offer facts relevant to the case, in which Currie (D-Prince George’s) is accused of bribery stemming from an arrangement with a grocery chain; others are character witnesses the defense is considering calling. No distinction was made Monday morning.

Gov. Martin O’Malley (D), Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown (D) and former governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) are among those Currie’s team have approached about testifying on behalf of the former chairman of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. All three names were included on the list read to jurors Monday by Judge Richard D. Bennett.

So, too, were two members of Congress, 10 past or present members of the Maryland Senate; four past or present delegates; six past or present Maryland Cabinet officials; a couple of prominent State House staffers; and a former mayor of Baltimore (besides O’Malley).

Here’s the rundown:

Statewide elected officials

* Gov. Martin O’Malley (D)

* Former governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R)

* Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown (D)

Members of Congress

* House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.)

* Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.)

Members of the Maryland Senate

* Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert)

* Sen. Jennie M. Forehand (D-Montgomery)

* Sen. Brian E. Frosh (D-Montgomery)

* Former Sen. John A. Giannetti Jr. (D-Prince George’s)

* Sen. Lisa A. Gladden (D-Baltimore)

* Former Sen. Barbara A. Hoffman (D-Baltimore)

* Former Sen. Paula C. Hollinger (D-Baltimore County)

* Former Sen. Gloria G. Lawlah (D-Prince George’s), now Maryland’s secretary of aging

* Sen. Paul G. Pinsky (D-Prince George’s)

* Former Sen. J. Lowell Stoltzfus (R-Somerset)

Members of the House of Delegates

* Del. Dereck E. Davis (D-Prince George’s)

* Former Del. Robert L. Flanagan (R-Howard), later Ehrlich’s transportation secretary

* Former Del. Timothy F. Maloney (D-Prince George’s), a lawyer who briefly assisted Currie in 2002

* Former Del. Gilbert J. Genn (D-Montgomery), now a lobbyist

Cabinet officials and prominent State House staffers

* Joseph C. Bryce, O’Malley’s chief legislative officer and former chief of staff to Miller, the Senate president

* Chip DiPaula, a former budget secretary and chief of staff to Ehrlich

* David W. Edgerley, a former business and economic development secretary for O’Malley

* Robert L. Flanagan, former transportation secretary for Ehrlich

* Victoria Gruber, chief of staff to Miller and a former staffer on the Senate budget committee when Currie was chairman

* Aris Melissaratos, former secretary of business and economic development for Ehrlich

* John D. Porcari, former transportation secretary for O’Malley

Baltimore mayor

*Former Baltimore mayor Kurt L. Schmoke (D)