More than 50 anti-death penalty advocates hold an afternoon rally, demanding the Maryland legislature vote on a repeal in the wake of the controversial execution of Troy Davis in Georgia. (Aaron Davis)

Create jobs? Repeal the death penalty? Legalize same-sex marriage? Campaign for the state’s Dream Act? Protect teachers? Build windmills? Tax millionaires? Promote unions?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you may have a sense of the political mishmash at the Maryland State House on Monday night.

MLK Day marked the unofficial start to the year’s citizen lobbying efforts during the 90-day legislative session.

Street-corner rallies throughout the afternoon gave way to a large, and somewhat confusing gathering of state employees, church groups and others under the Thurgood Marshall Memorial on Lawyers’ Mall just outside the State House.

For the next 12 Mondays, when lawmakers start their weeks with a largely ceremonial meeting at 8 p.m., hundreds will stream through Annapolis to kick off each week with no shortage of placards and bullhorns.

Which citizen lobbying efforts will win out this year? Stay tuned.