Maryland Republican Party Chairman Alex X. Mooney issued a statement Saturday saying voters still have “plenty of good reasons” to vote for GOP candidates following the indictments of two people who worked for the party’s gubernatorial nominee last year.

Mooney’s statement came two days after a Baltimore grand jury indicted Paul E. Schurick, the de facto campaign manager for former governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R), and Julius Henson, a consultant hired by Ehrlich, for allegedly orchestrating more than 110,000 misleading robocalls to Democratic voters in Baltimore and Prince George’s County.

With the polls still open, an unidentified woman’s voice told voters in the two majority African American jurisdictions to “relax” because Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) had already been “successful” in his rematch against Ehrlich.

“The Maryland Republican Party believes in winning all voters,” Mooney, a former state senator, said in his statement. “The out-of-touch Democrat agenda of reckless spending, higher taxes, redefining marriage and many other far-left policy proposals gives all voters plenty of good reasons to get out and vote Republican.”

On Thursday, Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis issued a statement on the indictments that read in part: “Voter intimidation, voter suppression and voter deception are cancers that threaten our Democracy, and they cannot be tolerated in our society. I was a target of this reprehensible call and remain outraged by any action intended to disenfranchise voters and subvert our democratic process.”