Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

As part of a busy week in Charlotte, O’Malley was booked to speak to both the Nevada and Ohio delegates on Monday. He also made drop-by appearances at Tennessee and Indiana gatherings that were taking place in separate meeting rooms of the same Shriners lodge as Ohio’s breakfast.

The breakfast circuit is a time-honored tradition at the conventions of both parties, giving rising and established political stars a chance to connect with delegates from around the country.

In coming days, O’Malley, who is widely assumed to be eying a run for national office in 2016, plans to speak to a least three more delegations. Those include Iowa, the home of the nation’s first presidential caucuses.

On Monday, O’Malley mostly kept the focus on President Obama’s re-election bid, leading the delegates in chants of “moving forward, not back.”

The Maryland governor also threw some well-received jabs at Mitt Romney. Appearing before the Ohio delegation, O’Malley made fun of the GOP nominee’s six-day overseas tour in July, which began with Romney questioning London’s readiness for the Summer Olympics.

“My goodness, he can’t even be a gracious guest, can he?” O’Malley said. “Being Irish American ... and being from Baltimore, I have my differences with the British, but I thought they ran the Olympics just fine, don’t you?”

Regarding a later stop on the GOP nominee’s itinerary, O’Malley added: “When Mitt Romney was in Israel, I’m told they asked him if he’d like to visit the West Bank. Governor Romney said, ‘No, that’s ok, I do all my banking in Switzerland.’”