Gov. Martin O’Malley talks to reporters in June about an economic development trip to Asia. (AP Photo/Brian Witte)

O’Malley broke little new ground in the meeting, according to several participants, but rather seemed most interested in feeling out lawmakers about “the art of the possible.”

The hourlong meeting came a day after O’Malley roiled leading legislators by floating the idea of raising the sales tax, something he had not talked much about publicly in recent weeks.

O’Malley has signaled he will put forward an ambitious legislative agenda during the 90-day session, which began Wednesday.

O’Malley wants to boost funding for transportation and other infrastructure projects, provide incentives to jump-start the wind-power industry in Maryland and legalize same-sex marriage, among other priorities.

The governor has yet to detail the scope of several of those initiatives or how exactly he plans to pay for them.

On Thursday morning, for example, O’Malley told legislators he remained open to their ideas on transportation funding, according to several people at the breakfast.

Raising the gas tax has been the leading option, but some lawmakers are also pushing to apply the state’s 6 percent sales tax to gasoline purchases — a strategy that could raise potentially raise more money.