They squabbled this summer over possible cuts to Medicare, and they aren’t the best of friends in Congress. But Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), the House minority whip, said Monday he is backing fellow Democrat and incumbent Donna Edwards in the race to represent Maryland’s Fourth Congressional District.

Hoyer spoke to reporters at a lunch at Sir Walter Raleigh restaurant in Berwyn Heights, taking a short break from pre-Thanksgiving rounds of businesses and food banks in his far-flung district. Asked about the race between Edwards and former Prince George’s state’s attorney Glenn F. Ivey for the Democratic nomination, Hoyer said he would support Edwards.

“I have indicated I will endorse Donna Edwards,” Hoyer said.

Does that mean he will campaign for her or throw the weight of his considerable campaign apparatus in Maryland behind her?

“As I said I have indicated I will endorse Donna Edwards,” Hoyer said. He said Edwards had not yet asked for any specific help. He noted that it has been his practice to back Democratic incumbents.

A third candidate, Anne Arundel County Council member G. James Benoit (D) is still mulling the race. It is one of at least a dozen internecine wars within the Democratic Party this year as newly drawn congressional districts have attracted new candidates. The primary is in April.