Same-sex marriage proponents on Tuesday unveiled new television ads that highlight support for the measure from a pair of high-profile African-American ministers in Baltimore and Prince George’s County.

“I would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore I should not deny others based upon mine,” says Rev. Delman Coates of Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in Prince George’s in one of the spots. “It’s about fairness.”

Rev. Donte Hickman of Baltimore’s Southern Baptist Church offers a similar message in the other ad, telling viewers: “I support this law because it does not force any church to perform a same-sex marriage if it’s against their beliefs.”

The television ads, airing in the Baltimore area, are the first by Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the lead group supporting Question 6 on next month’s ballot. The ads underscore the importance of African-American voters, which both sides are targeting.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance, which opposes gay nuptials, went on the air earlier this week with a spot arguing that “children do best when raised by their married mom and dad.”

Opponents of same-sex marriage have spent months networking through Maryland churches to bolster their ranks.