Principal Karen Lockard announced Monday that Color Day will be cancelled next year at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School following an outbreak of hazing and drinking during the Spirit Week activity last week.

Color Day is a popular annual event meant to stoke school spirit in advance of the homecoming game. Students wear their class colors and spend the day “tagging” others with paint in their class colors. Freshmen are often the biggest targets of tagging and sometimes hazing. The day is also known informally to students as “freshmen beat-down day,” and this year at least one freshman was injured.

The news was reported in the Tattler Extra, the school’s student newspaper, along with an opinion piece in support of the principal’s decision:

“Color day is supposed to be about each grade coming together and being one, against the other grades of course....However, this year turned into something more than just grade rivalry. It turned to an all-out student rebellion against the normal standards of society.”

The student author described some seniors hosting an early-morning happy hour in the parking lot and dunking freshmen into toilets “to show their authority,” and juniors spraying underclassmen with ketchup (the junior class color is red).

“This is terrible for the future seniors, especially this year’s seniors, since they will no longer be given the chance to show the pride they have in their class.

“But we, as a whole, deserve the cancellation of color day,” the author Marthe Folivi wrote.

Tell us how Spirit Week went at your school. Did you have a Color Day? What was it like? Post your thoughts below.