For all you tweeters out there, it’s getting easier to keep track of what’s happening in your children’s school.

Dozens of principals have joined Montgomery County Superintendent Joshua Starr on Twitter, sharing links to stories, scores from athletic games and reminders of when report cards are being released, according to Post reporter Michael S. Rosenwald.

Marc Cohen (@marcjcohen) at Seneca Valley High School, Renay Johnson (@blairprincipal) at Montgomery Blair High School and Jennifer Connors (@RTPrincipal1) at Rolling Terrace Elementary School are just a few who post regular updates.

Teachers are also flocking to Twitter as a place to plan lessons, debate policies and find community, writes my colleague Emma Brown.

According to Emma’s article:

Their discussion topics have ranged from the practical (How to use class blogs to improve student writing?) to the philosophical (What’s the real purpose of school?). They’ve tweeted about the pros and cons of homework, hashed out ideas about designing fair teacher evaluations and discussed how to improve working relationships with principals. ...

Music teachers (#musedchat), psychology teachers (#psychat) and special-education teachers (#spedchat) all tweet to one another weekly. So do specialists in gifted education (#gtchat), foreign languages (#langchat) and Jewish studies (#jedchat). And of course there is a chat for math teachers (#mathchat) and one for teachers of English (#engchat).