Outgoing Prince George’s County School Superintendent William R. Hite Jr., who said he will remain in the county until Sept. 30, has been working part-time in Philadelphia a couple days a week since mid-July.

Hite, who accepted a job to become the Philadelphia schools chief last month, began consulting with the city’s school reform commission on the transition process earlier this month, according to a contract signed Wednesday.

“Dr. Hite mentioned that he will work here on Thursdays and Fridays,” said Fernando Gallard, a spokesman for Philadelphia schools. “Not every week, he wouldn't be able to do that, but as much as possible.”

Gallard said Hite will be paid $300,000 a year in his new post, which he starts “no later than” Oct. 1.

Briant Coleman, a spokesman for the Prince George’s schools, said school administrators in the county work a four-day work week during the summer break so Hite has been using one day of his leave each week to work in Philadelphia.

Coleman said Friday that Hite told the board of his plans to split his time between Prince George’s and Philadelphia.

The Board of Education said this month that Hite would give up $125,000 in severance pay, which amounts to half of his annual salary, to get an early release from his contract. Under Hite’s contract, he would have been required to remain in his job for 120 days — or until Nov. 30 — or forfeit his severance. Instead, Hite, who said he wanted to be in place to help with the county’s transition, will stay 60 days and forgo the money.

Meanwhile, the school board last week chose three yet-to-be named candidates to serve as interim superintendent. The candidates are being vetted, according to Coleman, and an interim superintendent is expected to be named by Aug. 15. He or she will work with Hite during the transition process.