And the other winner is……Patricia Eubanks.

Micah Watson, who captured the top spot in the primary to fill the District 4 seat on the Prince George’s County school board, will face Eubanks, the incumbent, in November’s general election.

While Watson was the clear winner of the primary, the race for the second spot had been too close to call on April 3, before absentee and provisional ballots had been counted.

The two top primary vote-getters in each district go head-to-head in the general election.

Only 10 votes separated Eubanks from Sandy John Vaughns last week, and Vaughns held the lead, raising questions about whether Eubanks, who has served on the board for 15 months, would survive the contest. She was the only incumbent school board member who was in danger of losing a seat as of April 4, when the first round of ballots were counted. All of the other board members who were challenged, except Edward Burroughs III, lost their races, but still came in a distant second to the top vote-getter.

Eubanks said Thursday that before the final results were counted she had pretty much accepted that she had lost the seat. “I was going to still do what I was doing, to be involved, but not as a board member,” she said.

Based on her showing, is she concerned about the general election?

“I wouldn’t say I have a lot of work to do” to beat Watson. “I have to continue to do the work I’ve done,” Eubanks said. “But I have to let even more of the constituents realize that their vote does count and that someone on the board does understand.”

Election officials have spent the past week tallying absentee and provisional ballots and on Thursday – nine days after Election Day and with 97 percent of the votes counted in District 4 – they essentially determined that Eubanks would move on.

Alisha Alexander, the administrator of the county Board of Elections, said officials still had 380 county-wide primary ballots to count on Friday. But she said that based on a preliminary review it did not appear as though the results of the school board elections would change.

Watson received 33 percent of the vote compared with Eubanks’s 23 percent. Vaughns trailed with 21 percent ; 97 votes separated Eubanks and Vaughns.