This blog is for you: frustrated student and involved parent, political honcho and local activist, education maven and unsuspecting Web surfer.

Our hope is to raise the conversation about education in Maryland. We want to build a rapport with readers, an idea that Web folks here like to call “engagement.”

This is a place for a more in-depth look at stories affecting your community, a forum to ask and answer questions, a space for guest columns, insta-polls, wandering thoughts. Most of all, we hope that it’s as informative as it is fun.

There are two of us teaming up on this blog.

Robert Samuels joined The Post in February and since then has immersed himself in the school systems here. He is based in Prince George’s County but also loves hearing about other parts of this great, diverse state. Covering education has been quite an, um, education for him so far and he is eager to learn more.

Michael Alison Chandler has been covering education around the region for the past five years and is based in Montgomery County. Math enthusiasts may have stumbled upon her blog x=why? based on a year she spent in Fairfax County re-living high school algebra in 2008-9. Last year she wrote about education reform from South Korea, one of the world’s highest performing countries, for her blog Confucian Times.

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