Wanted: Maryland state superintendent.

Job Duties: Oversee 24 school districts, 1,450 schools, libraries, child care centers, juvenile detention centers (the educational part), all told - the educational well-being of more than 1 million children.

Also: Sit on umpteen boards, politick; defend Maryland’s No. 1 ranking for public education with all your might.

And: Tour every inch of the state.

Nancy Grasmick retired last summer after 20 years as Maryland state superintendent. (Courtesy: Maryland State Department of Education)

After a two-decade tenure — even the state education building in Baltimore is named after Grasmick — replacing her is a monumental task. So Maryland’s Board of Education is asking for your help!

Board members want to know: What are you looking for in a state schools chief?

You can fill out an on-line survey by Nov. 18

Or you can attend one of the following forums:

Oct. 27 — Easton High School (Talbot County)

Nov. 2 — Laurel High School (Prince George’s County)

Nov. 3 — Seneca Valley High School (Montgomery County)

Nov. 7 — Mountain Ridge High School (Allegany County)

Nov. 9 — Edgewood High School (Harford County)

Nov. 10 — Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Baltimore City)

**Forums will be held at two different times at each location, 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.