What kind of people do you want your kids to be when they graduate from high school? What should they be able to do before starting their first job or first day of college?

If these are questions you think about often, you may be a good candidate to help Montgomery County Public Schools recraft how it defines student success.

Jacob Scott explains a math problem to 15-year-old Jose Martinez during a math class at Montgomery Blair HS in Silver Spring. (Astrid Riecken/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

As the school district updates its Seven Keys to College Readiness to include more rigorous academic standards in response to Maryland’s new “Common Core” requirements, it is also updating its strategic plan and needs help from members of the community.

Parents can be part of the “MCPS Strategic Plan Network Team,” which will update the school district’s “core values.”

The strategic plan will focus on academics, 21st century skills, and social emotional learning. For example, kids won’t just be asked to know their times tables, but also will be required to learn how to collaborate with others, manage their time and adapt to changing situations.

Below is a full list of the “Core Competencies” from the MCPS website that the team will study.

Academic competencies

●College and Career Readiness Knowledge and Skills.



●Rigorous high school courses.

21st Century competencies

●Critical thinking/problem solving.

●Collaboration across networks and leading by influence.


●Initiative and entrepreneurialism.

●Effective oral/written communication.

●Accessing and analyzing information.


Social emotional learning Competencies



●Social awareness.

●Relationship skills.

●Responsible decision-making.

School officials say they are looking for people with “strong skills in team collaboration, creative thinking, and interest in strategic planning.”

The application is here and should be submitted by 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 28.