On Friday, we wrote about administrators in Prince George’s County looking at shifting sixth grade to middle schools to address overcrowding. Here are the 10 most crowded schools in Prince George’s, based on what is called “state-rated capacity.”

What is “state-rated capacity”? It’s a number generated from the state describing the ideal number of students attending class in the school building. On the list below, you’ll see the name of the school and the percentage of students who are enrolled in the school, over the state-rated capacity. We excluded early childhood centers from this list. As you’ll notice, all these schools are elementary, except for Roosevelt High School and Beltsville Academy, a K-8 school:

1. Lewisdale Elementary 42.7 percent overenrolled

2. Hollywood Elementary 42.3 percent

3. Carole Highlands Elementary 36.6 percent

4. Adelphi Elementary 33.5 percent

5. Francis T. Evans Elementary 30.4 percent

6. Riverdale Elementary 28.8 percent

7. Calverton Elementary 27.1 percent

8. Beltsville Academy 23.7 percent

9. Eleanor Roosevelt High  23 percent

10. James McHenry Elementary 21.4 percent