Union-commissioned report says a few simple steps could bring D.C. in line with its neighbors.

Only two candidates have petition signatures challenged, Board of Elections says.

Heritage Action and Catholic institutions want anti-discrimination laws nixed by GOP Congress.

With three days of events, Bowser outspent predecessor Vincent Gray by some $400,000.

Key committee chair says she's in no mood to rush bill that could allow the terminally ill to end their lives.

Top mayoral aides continue to pull down big salaries in D.C.

After meeting with House speaker, new mayor says Boehner is focused on 'national agenda.'

Clark, an aide to Muriel Bowser and Kenyan McDuffie, died Jan. 18 after an asthma attack.

Parade organizers beseech the mayor to allow new route.

Bowser says change from GLBT to LGTB is 'in keeping with the mainstream vocabulary.'

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