Former mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D), as he does from time to time, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, joining host Willie Geist, NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell, former congressman Harold Ford Jr. and Daily Beast editor Tina Brown to talk national politics and more.

After some small talk about how a big city mayor handles an earthquake, Fenty joined a discussion of how President Obama might rebound from his lowest-to-date public approval numbers.

He added a few chestnuts from his rhetorical toolbox. For one, he spoke approvingly of pundits who “suggest that Obama’s listening too much to the Washington insiders.”

”You get all these advisers telling you a million things. The best thing about Obama is his personal instincts,” said Fenty, famously trusting of his own political instincts.

He added that Obama should propose a jobs plan that would “please Republicans and Democrats but also upset Republicans and upset Democrats.”

”I hope people criticize him in a way that makes it seem that he’s making the tough decisions,” he said. “You’re not going to get out of this without some really tough decisions. But that’s what leadership is all about. Leadership is also upsetting people in your own party sometimes.”

What might give Obama pause: Those talking points sound awfully similar to the explanations Fenty offered in the wake of his own re-election defeat last year.

Fenty, who used a March MSNBC appearance to express solidarity with union-tackling Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, offered another heterodox talking point in the parting moments of his appearance, in support of Obama’s recent proposals to streamline business regulations.

”Clearly the business community wants to see less regulation,” he said. “Having watched federal government, there’s just too much regulation, too many rules, too many things that restrict business.”