Kevin B. Chavous: Coming to the Ward 7 ballot? (FROM HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT)

Not Kevin P. Chavous, the lawyer who spent three terms on the D.C. Council before losing to a political neophyte named Vincent C. Gray in the 2004 Democratic primary.

I’m talking about Kevin B. Chavous, son of Kevin P., who tells me he is considering a run against incumbent Yvette M. Alexander for his dad’s old post.

Chavous, a 26-year-old lawyer and Hillcrest native, says he’s now on a “listening tour of sorts.” He’s already got a campaign-ready Twitter account (Kevinfor7).

“Right now I’m trying to just talk to as many residents as I can, to get their sense on the view of what’s wrong with the ward or what needs to be changed,” he said. “I’m still trying to gauge what those issues are.”

Like Kevin P., who is now a leading national voice for school vouchers, Kevin B. is big on parent choice issues. He’s the D.C. coordinator for the Black Alliance for Educational Options; dad is chair of the group’s board of directors.

The younger Chavous said his father’s been supportive of his explorations. “We’ve been talking a lot,” he said. “He’s definitely one of my closest advisers. He’s been very supportive. He knows a lot of the people I’m talking to already. I know a lot of them as well. ... They may know me as the little kid running around the campaign office.”

Alexander noted that Chavous Jr. attended her campaign kickoff last Saturday, held at Gray’s house.

“If he’s on a listening tour, then he found out Saturday that a lot of people are really pleased with my leadership,” she said. “If he’s listening, then I guess he’s supporting me.”

If Kevin B. hears positive things, he would join activist Ronald Moten in challenging Alexander.

“I wish him well,” Moten said. “I haven’t seen him in my community. I haven’t seen him at one event, one crime scene, one public hearing.”