This statue might just bust loose from its pedestal. (Executive Office of Mayor Vincent Gray)

The park will comprise the western portion of what is now Langdon Park in the namesake Northeast neighborhood. The early renderings contemplate rehabbing an amphitheater on the premises, with a statue of Brown prominently placed near the stage. New landscaping would surround the amphitheater.

Members of Brown’s family in attendance at a news conference Wednesday said they were looking forward to a ground-breaking, but it’s unsure when that will be, or how much the project will cost.

Doxie McCoy, a Gray administration spokeswoman, said the city recently solicited proposals for the park. The cost and timeline will depend on the responses it receives, and the renderings released today are merely “possible choices” rather than a final layout.

Here’s a wider view of the premises:

(Executive Office of Mayor Vincent Gray)