Eidinger, in happier times, before Capitol Hemp’s 2008 opening. (Gerald Martineau/THE WASHINGTON POST)

But the shop, raided by police in a drug paraphernalia bust last October, will remain open at least a little longer.

The court proceedings in the case, which include a pending agreement to close the Adams Morgan shop in exchange for the deferral of charges, have been continued for six weeks. That means owners Adam Eidinger and Alan Amsterdam have a wee bit longer to hawk their wares — which, incidentally, no longer include the pricey glass and ceramic smoking apparatuses that attracted law enforcement’s attention.

Eidinger, for his part, is hopeful that during the stay of execution someone in the U.S. attorney’s office will change their minds on mandating the shop’s closure. But he has no great reason to think that might be the case.

“I’d love to stay open,” he said Wednesday. “What if there is no prosecution? what if the government said life goes on? That’s the solution. ... We don’t sell spice; we don’t sell bath salts; we don’t sell all that garbage.”

If you’d care to led Eidinger and his business support, stop by 1802 Adams Mill Road NW before midnight for what was supposed to be a farewell party. Otherwise, be sure to make it over by Sept. 12, when they’re is due back in court.