Lots of people win. Will Eric Payne? (Jeffrey MacMillan/For Washington Post)

Payne is pursuing his case with vigor, and the litigation could well expose plenty more sordid facts as it proceeds in U.S. District Court. He basically claims he was fired because he wouldn’t play ball with politicians who allegedly wanted to illegally steer the contract away from its rightful winners.

A sidebar: Today, Gandhi was supposed to undergo a sworn deposition. But on Friday, city lawyers cancelled the deposition; a spokesman for Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan said the questioning has been “postponed.”

It’s unclear what led to the delay. There were, of course, last week’s filings, which were part of a motion opposing an attempt by Mayor Vincent C. Gray and two D.C. Council members to avoid testifying in the case. Also, late last week, Payne’s attorneys responded to a city request for all D.C. government documents in Payne’s possession, including memos and e-mails.

Payne said Monday he was “disappointed” that the deposition has been delayed. “We look forward to having that opportunity soon,” he said.