One controversial matter was left up in the air by Tuesday’s unexpected D.C. Council committee shuffle: The bill that would establish a medallion system for city taxicabs.

The bill had been sent to the transportation and public works committee previously chaired by Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6). Wells had a skeptical take on the bill, and he announced last month that he would not hold a hearing on it — a necessary precursor to any further action on the bill.

But whither medallions now that Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3) takes over the committee?

Cheh said today she, too, will not schedule a hearing on the bill. “I was glad that [Wells] took that position,” she said Wednesday. “It’s one of those things that doesn’t sound like such a great idea.”

Incidentally, the main lobbyist for medallion interests, John L. Ray, is already clashing with Cheh over her support of new restrictions on the gasoline retail industry.

Cheh did say she would not be opposed to holding a “roundtable” discussion about improvements to the taxi industry apart from the medallion proposal.

Prior to being tossed from his committee post, Wells had said publicly was intended to study a possible changes to the taxi regulation structure during the council’s summer recess.