Someone, somewhere is not pleased that a small patch of Cleveland Park might be considered “Steelers Country.”

How else to explain why, early last Thursday morning, some knucklehead stole Libby Kavoulakis’s “WELCOME TO STEELERS COUNTRY” banner from behind her Reno Road NW home, according to video posted to YouTube.

Kavoulakis writes: “This jerk stole my Steelers banner from my back yard. Please help identify the him, the car, his friends/accomplices and anything else that will help me catch this thief. It happened at 12:49 AM, Thursday, May 31st in Washington DC. They drove through the alley from Veazey to Warren Street then stopped, the thief jumped out and the car pulled behind my garage to wait [for him] to steal the banner.”

The “jerk” appears to be a scrawny white kid in light-colored shorts and ankle socks.

Do note this is not the first time Kavoulakis’s Pittsburgh paraphernalia has been pilfered.

In 2009, in the weeks after the Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII, thieves made off with two banners — one of them also bearing the “Steelers Country” slogan.

Washington City Paper reported on the thefts and a subsequent phone call to Kavoulakis that sure sounded like a ransom request. “If you want to know where your banners have gone, I have information that’s vital to you,” the caller reportedly said.

Kavoulakis did not confront the caller. At the time, she speculated on the thief’s identity: “It was probably a Ravens fan,” she said.

I’ve contacted Kavoulakis to get her current thinking on the thief’s motivations; will update when she calls back.

(via Prince of Petworth)