A D.C. Council probe nears its end, with or without Sulaimon Brown’s documents. (LINDA DAVIDSON/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Do note that it is merely a draft report, because the council has thus far been unable to compel key figure Sulaimon Brown to comply with a subpoena and share documents with the council committee. The lawmakers are trying to enforce the subpoena; a Superior Court hearing is set for Sept. 15.

Thus, Cheh writes: “Due to Mr. Brown’s dilatory behavior, it is unlikely that we will receive copies of his records until the fall. In order for the Committee to reach a timely conclusion on allegations of nepotism, excessive salaries, and other matters, I believe that it is most appropriate for the Committee to issue a report on what is known now, with leave for the Committee to issue a supplemental report in the fall if new information becomes available.”