Located at harrythomasjr.com, the site asks “Are You Tired of the Scandals?” and features a picture of Thomas at the news conference he held shortly after the allegations of converting city money were first aired.

Keep in mind that it was his Republican opponent, Timothy Day, who first raised pointed questions about Thomas’s non-political fundraising efforts.

“Tired of the constant bad news?” the site reads. “Don’t like what you see, read and hear? Do something about it, let your opinion be heard.” Users can also join a “Recall Harry Thomas Coalition,” devoted to “demanding ethics from their elected officials.”

Paul Craney, the D.C. GOP’s executive director, said the site is “basically intended to help keep track of what’s been said about Harry Thomas and ethics on the D.C. Council.”

He added that it is “not intended to be a Republican or Democratic Web site. It’s just intended to let people know what’s going on.”

Nor, Craney says, is it an official political campaign for a Thomas recall, which can’t happen until January under city law. “It’s not a real big effort right now, because it’s still early,” he said. “But you might as well sign up now if you’re interested.”