(Photo courtesy of Paul Craney)

Paul Craney, executive director of the D.C. Republican Committee, says that a shooter took out the windows at the GOP’s storefront office, near 13th and K streets NW, with a small-caliber projectile, possibly from an air gun.

Craney said he got a call from an alarm company early Wednesday morning but didn’t pick up the call. And when he showed up to work this morning the alarm was on. But he didn’t notice the fenestration damage until later in the day. “I was getting lunch, and noticed: Oh my god, our windows are all shot up.”

While on the phone with a reporter, Craney discovered an approximately BB-sized piece of shot on the ground outside the window.

Craney said the D.C. GOP office appeared to be specifically targeted. “We’re right by a hair salon, and the hair salon was fine. But we weren’t,” he said. “There were multiple shots. Whoever did it took some time to take out our windows.”

As for who is responsible, Craney said he suspects “people who don’t like glass, or people who don’t like the Republican Party.”

His landlord, he said, has contacted police.

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(Photo courtesy of Paul Craney)