Metro, sucking (Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Why can’t Unsuck D.C. Metro have Still unclear. Over at Dr. Gridlock, Dana Hedgpeth and Jennifer Jenkins dig into who owns the most logical domain for the vaunted WMATA watchdog site. Turns out it’s not WMATA, even though agency spokesman Dan Stessel initially said it was. And the proprietor of also disclaims any involvement.

In other news:

Albrecht Gero Muth’s neighbor “heard a faint cry followed by a ‘sinister’ laugh.” (City Desk)

There couldn’t have been a “D.C. Residents Day” at the MLK Memorial even if Vince Gray wanted to (D.C. Wire)

Act now for a free backpack from Michael Brown (DCentric)

D.C. Lottery vending truck will be in action tomorrow (WRC-TV)

Where they put all that construction dirt (Housing Complex)