(Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press)

The news:

D.C. Court of Appeals ruling means Wisconsin Avenue Giant will finally be rebuilt (Housing Complex)

We all love “iGaming”! Sixty-eight percent of us, anyway. (WaTimes)

Clash with Occupy protester sends Park Police officer to the hospital (Post)

Handling of Occupy D.C. wins NPS “porker of the month” honors (CAGW)

UDC hoops is where it’s at! (City Desk)

Bryan Weaver decries the ethics bill (GGW)

D.C. could pay $900,000 in legal fees on case that resulted in $97,500 judgment (Legal Times)

Fashion incubator on Good Hope Road SE (Housing Complex)

How to make the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station serve neighborhoods better (GGW)

The Board of Trade is not happy with Congress! (Examiner)

NSO plays Columbia Heights week after next (PoP)

Peter Rosenstein: Gray had “a good first year” (Blade)

Obama snubs District pet stores (City Desk)