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Attorneys for Redskins owner Dan Snyder are challenging the validity of the District’s new anti-SLAPP law — legislation intended to combat “strategic lawsuits against public participation” — on home rule grounds. Via Erik Wemple: “The filing states, point blank, that the D.C. Council, which authored the city’s anti-SLAPP legislation, didn’t have the authority to do so. To quote from the complaint: ‘Just as sure as “Congress shall make no law ... prohibiting the freedom of speech,” so, too, the D.C. Council may make no law with respect to the manner in which the D.C. Superior Court conducts its affairs.’ Then the document invokes Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, which gives Congress the power to ‘Exercise exclusive legislation’ over the District of Columbia. Further, it notes that Congress has ‘expressly’ prohibited the District from effecting ‘any act, resolution, or rule with respect to any provision of Title 11 of the District of Columbia code (relating to organization and jurisdiction of the District of Columbia courts).’” The litigation, of course, concerns Dave McKenna’s well-read “Cranky Redskins Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder,” published last year in City Paper. Looks like Dave may have a new entry.

FLASH — From campaign finance reports due Monday: Michael Brown raised $60,075, spent $10,632. Muriel Bowser raised $85,324, spent $779. Her challenger Baruti Jahi raised $2,995, spent $2,051. Yvette Alexander raised $6,900, spent $400.

AFTER THE JUMP — Overzealous trash ticketing? — police brass accused of flouting residency requirements — it’s good to be Adrian Fenty


TRASH TICKET TURMOIL — The Department of Public Works’ SWEEP inspectors — that’s the Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Program — are getting pretty aggressive, and that has residents and business owners ticked “over tickets they’ve received for up to $1,000 by the city’s trash police for having a recyclable item as small as a soda can mixed in with their trash.” Freeman Klopott reports in Examiner that the owner of Logan Hardware on P Street was issued a $200 ticket for having a single aluminum can in a trash bin. And “in March, the hardware store was hit with a $150 fine when a neighbor left a couch by the store’s trash. It seems the ticket writers aren’t following the laws they’re supposed to enforce. District law allows for up to 30 percent of trash to be mixed with recyclable materials. A DPW spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.” Jack Evans says Ward 2 is being unfairly targeted.

WHERE ARE YOUR POLICE BRASS SLEEPING? — The Fraternal Order of Police is demanding that the D.C. police crack down on brass and top civilian officials who are flouting a D.C. residency requirement. Jeffrey Anderson reports in WaTimes: “The law says all excepted service employees are required to be residents of the District within 180 days of their appointment, and those employees must certify that the District is their principal place of residence. Any excepted service employee who fails to meet the residency requirement within that time period must forfeit his or her position. ... ‘The FOP is concerned that a number of excepted service personnel employed by the [MPD] are not in compliance with the domicile requirements,’ [FOP chairman Kristopher Baumann wrote in a letter]. ‘This includes sworn employees at the rank of inspector, commander and assistant chief and all civilian excepted service employees.’ ... Late in the day on Monday, Mr. Baumann also wrote to [Vincent Gray] and D.C. Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan to request that they enforce the D.C. law within 10 days, after which the FOP intends to seek court action. ... Assistant Chief Rodney Parks said MPD conducts an annual recertification and the most recent audit revealed no violations. He said all applicants are screened to ensure they meet the requirements of the position. ‘We will cooperate with any investigation of these practices,’ he said.”

IT’S GOOD TO BE THE EX-MAYOR — From the Examiner’s Yeas and Nays: “At Sunday’s Legg Mason players party at the P.O.V rooftop terrace at the W Hotel, several VIPs and tennis fanatics fawned over [Adrian Fenty] and addressed him as ‘mayor.’ (Current Mayor Vincent Gray was invited too but did not attend.)” Also: Jay-Z says he dined with Fenty recently.


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Gray attends National Night Out kickoff, 6 p.m. at Deanwood Recreation Center, 49th and Quarles Streets NE — meeting on Circulator expansion, 6 p.m. at Anacostia Library, 1800 Good Hope Road SE