Today in District scandalmongering: Alan Suderman reports at Loose Lips that Kwame Brown’s transition committee paid his brother’s sales-coaching company $4,000 with its leftover funds, which were intended to be used for charitable purposes.

Meanwhile, Harry Jaffe continues picking apart Harry Thomas Jr.’s woes in his Examiner column, noting that, of course, Thomas isn’t going to resign -- because he still hasn’t admitted to doing anything wrong. And, Jaffe holds, perhaps Thomas didn’t do anything wrong, given that the District “has lax rules and loopholes as large as Marion Barry’s unpaid tax bill when it comes to ethics.” (Then there’s a bizarre aside about fraternities.) And Examiner cartoonist Nate Beeler also digs into Thomas, laying out his “Rulebook for Youth Baseball” — that is, “if you’re caught stealing a base, you must return it and advance to home for a run scored.” If you’ve had enough scandal and are more interested in garden-variety, high-stakes bureaucratic infighting, check out my not-a-column. It’s on the brewing battle about granting the city’s young community college independence from UDC.

AFTER THE JUMP — small plates galore!

“The bottom line is that cab drivers have largely lost the public’s support. While once sympathetic to the benefit afforded those pursuing employment as sole proprietors, years of poor service, rude treatment, overcharging, crummy cabs and general disrespect for the customer has resulted in a new reality — no one really cares anymore.” (Blade)

AG’s office wants feds to probe Pershing Park evidence deletion (Post, Legal Times)

DCPS teacher: I was fired for my blog, not my teaching (The Washington Post)

Administrative judge lashes Cathy Lanier for improperly demoting subordinates (WaTimes)

DOH disqualifies 31 of 170 medical marijuana applicants (WaTimes)

Fired DPR daycare employees sue for $10 million (City Desk)

Council to be briefed Monday on potential federal default (Examiner)

Default could mean curtains for some real estate deals (Housing Complex)

AUSA Rudolph Contreras nominated to D.C. federal bench (Legal Times)

Washington Post editorial: Shorter and more logical Metro station names, please (Post)

Cyclists (including Tommy Wells) make it across South Capitol Street bridge, but it could be safer (WAMU-FM, WTTG-TV)

CSOSA focuses on female ex-offenders (Post)

New concussion law is nation’s most comprehensive (WTOP)

D.C. joins 36 states in not joining with federal sex offender registry (Examiner)

How two teens made the Mount Pleasant solar co-op possible (WAMU-FM)

Pay for parking by phone EVERYWHERE (WAMU-FM)


*** ON THE MENU ***

Gray was scheduled to attend President Obama’s announcement of new fuel efficiency standards this morning at Washington Convention Center; and the Legg Mason Tennis Classic name-draw early afternoon at William H.G. FitzGerald Tennis Center, 16th and Kennedy Streets NW; and is to meet with Ron Dellums, 6 p.m. in JAWB.