It’s good to be an incumbent. (Mark Gail/THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

You can pry our BlackBerries out of our cold, dead fingers (Post)

Higher cab fares could come as soon as April 21 (Examiner)

Looks like Capital City Diner might be moving to “Columbia Heights/Petworth” (PoP)

Former DCPS schools will be offered to charters (Post)

Trinity University president: “[W]ith the tremendous wave of crime already coursing through our neighborhood streets, does the D.C. government really think that we need SIX marijuana growing centers right here?” (HuffPo)

First female Metro bus driver is evicted from Shaw apartment; folks pitch in to help (WTTG-TV, WRC-TV)

Not a good idea to fire the special-education workers, Jonetta Rose Barras says (Examiner)

Jeffrey Thompson’s accounting contracts with the D.C. government (WAMU-FM)

Vincent Gray is a better bracketeer than Barack Obama (Examiner)

What the Hine School redevelopment is probably going to look like (Metrocentric)

Economic development incentives are getting spread around a little more evenly now (Housing Complex)

Longtime Roosevelt football coach steps down (Post)

Eleanor Holmes Norton was a “United States Commission on an Open Society With Security” (WRC-TV)

D.C. settles gun case fee dispute for $1.5 million (Legal Times)

Norton implores Hill powers to ease filming constraints (DCist)

It’s finally over: Episode 12 of the Adrian Fenty biocartoon (The Root DC)

Metro’s new campaign against street harassment (DCist)

Slim pickings if you’re looking to buy a D.C. condo (Where We Live)

Some chit-chat about CityCenterDC (Washingtonian)

New Anacostia Riverwalk bridge is pretty impressive (WashCycle)

Michelle Rhee takes New York (N.Y. Times)

Mild weather notwithstanding, Potholepalooza will be back (TBD)

Is Patrick Mara running for office again? Probably: “He repeatedly mentioned Rick Santorum, unprompted, as an example of a national politician he would never vote for.” (David Klion)

Sally Boasberg, friend of Washington’s trees, dies at 74 (Post)