It’s unclear how the taxi industry will react to the new reform bill. (Jeffrey MacMillan)

TUNE IN — I’ll be appearing on NewsChannel 8’s NewsTalk at 10 a.m. to talk D.C. service delivery with Jennifer Donelan.

In other news:

Park Police sergeant collapses and dies after responding to Key Bridge incident (Post)

At the Manor Park Barber Shop, Harold “Smitty” Smith hangs up his clippers (Post)

DCPS moves forward with River Terrace Elementary closing (WaTimes)

Justice for slain D.C. Council intern Alonte Sutton (WTOP)

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D.C. is now the capital of the Occupy movement, and “the goodwill has begun to evaporate” (Post)

But money continues to materialize (Examiner)

Gray makes federal reimbursement request official (D.C. Wire, WaTimes)

Yes to bundling ban, no to constituent service funds (Post editorial)

Deborah Simmons says mind the bottom line on ethics reform (WaTimes)

Kevin B. Chavous is living with mom (Loose Lips)

And he looks pretty happy in this photo (The Root DC)

Six bidders are vying to replace Tourmobile, nonexclusively (Post editorial)

$5,550 is pulled from Occupy bank account. Is it theft? (Examiner)

Patrick Murphy, D.C. police chief during 1968 riots, is dead at 91 (Post, AP)

Not everyone is on board with United Medical Center consultant’s findings (WBJ)

The Smithsonian, rebranded (Post)

How likely is the Microsoft St. E’s deal? (Examiner)

Big Metro problem: sick customers (Examiner)

Gray administration has “no sense of urgency” on Walter Reed (Post letter)

A Wilson alum returns to his renovated alma mater (Weekly Standard)

Gray addresses youth town hall (Examiner)

Some council members want to make it easier to have block parties (Housing Complex)

Dorothy Brizill can dance (Loose Lips)

”You’re weird. Go away.” (@DCMeadows)

Amir Khan says the D.C. Boxing Commission lost the scorecards from his Lamont Peterson fight (@AmirKingKhan)

Three shot Friday night/Saturday morning (Examiner)

One stabbed to death; three shot Saturday night/Sunday morning (Crime Scene)

Cop strikes cyclist in Sherman Circle (WTTG-TV)

The WRC-TV studios were built on D.C.’s most exclusive country club (Post)

A Georgian’s plea to tea partiers: Take up District voting rights (Times Daily)

Adam Express reopens! (PoP)