Washington School of Ballet students greet visitors to the festival’s opening ceremony. (Katherine Frey/THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

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Death of baby born to stabbed mother is ruled a homicide (Crime Scene, Homicide Watch)

Contractors revolt against new “first source” hiring rules — perhaps in court (Capital Business, Post op-ed)

IG report: D.C.’s largest fire boat is obsolete and needs to be replaced (Examiner)

The Douglas Jemal Eminent Domain Windfall Act of 2011 (Post column)

Some Chartered Health settlement money went to Jeffrey Thompson’s favorite charity (WaTimes)

Why D.C. needs Public Trust (Post op-ed)

And here’s what Tom Toles thinks of the public trust right now (Post cartoon)

Kudos to the increasingly willing-to-listen National Park Service (Post op-ed)

Remembering former corporation counsel, civil rights attorney extraordinaire John A. Payton (Post, N.Y. Times, NLJ, The Root, Examiner)

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Delano Hunter isn’t answering questions about old lawsuits, his job (Brookland Heartbeat)

More on the Vincent Gray budget proposal (Post, WaTimes)

Nat Gandhi warns some Gray initiatives could be wishful thinking (Examiner)

What’s wrong with using private money for public schools (Answer Sheet)

Deborah Simmons says city officials “have played favorites when it comes to transportation, hating motorists and coddling bicyclists” (WaTimes)

Fort Totten residents foil car thieves (WTTG-TV)

Female condom maker’s study estimates D.C. deployment prevented 23 HIV infections (AP)

You now have more carsharing options (Capital Business, Housing Complex, d.ish)

Bikeshare is not a transportation panacea (RPUS)

A closer look at new affordable housing in Deanwood Heights (WJLA-TV)

Metrobus driver pleads guilty to negligent homicide in 2008 crash (Examiner)

Thirty-six years for killer of D.C. Council intern Alonte Sutton (Crime Scene)

Murder of witness means life without parole for killer (Crime Scene)

Violence inside Guy Mason rec center (Post)

Greater Greater Ward 4 candidate: Max Skolnik (GGW)

Tommy Wells preaches smart growth in Tuscaloosa (Examiner)

Hey, Georgetown students, “stand up and demand accountable local government” (The Hoya)

Occupy wedding (WTOP)